At time of reservation we will secure a 50% deposit towards the balance due and the remainder is to be paid prior to rentals leaving our warehouse. If a reservation is made within the cancellation policy time-frame, payment in full may be due upon reservation.


What type of payments do you accept?

 We accept Cash, Cheques, Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Regardless of payment choice, we will need to secure a valid credit card for the duration of the rental process.

How long can I keep the items I rent?
A ‘one-day’ rental is generally allowed to be picked up the day before your event and returned the following business day after your event. Special pick-up or return arrangements may apply when high demand items are booked by other customers in the surrounding days to your event.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. All reservations require 50% payment of the total balance owing. This acts as a security deposit for your reservation and guarantees the items will be available to you.

Can I change my order?

Yes, you can change, alter, and eliminate items from your order providing you are not within the cancellation policy time-frame. The cancellation policy will be verbally discussed at the time of reservation and will also be noted in writing on your copy of the reservation paperwork. Additions to your order may be taken up to 3 days prior to your pick-up date, but if not previously reserved we cannot guarantee item and/or staff availability for short notice additions.

What if I do not use my rental items?

Because your rented items are unavailable to other clients once you have reserved them, and due to the fact that all items require processing and cleaning regardless of use, full rental fee’s apply whether you use the items or not.

Do we need to wash the dishware before returning to Bustini's Event Rentals

No. This is the glory of renting! All we ask is that you scrape the food off the dishes, rinse if you can, and place them back in the crates they were delivered in. We have a thorough cleaning and sanitization process on our premises and we can take care of the rest. Just relax and enjoy your event…no extra cleaning necessary!

Do you offer charity discounts?

No. We do offer discounts to selected charity organizations,

Do I require an appointment to visit your showroom?

Yes.  we do encourage clients to book consultations for quotes on full event rentals so that we can ensure the proper attention and focus.

Do you deliver and pick-up?

Yes. Bustini’s Event  Rentals offers delivery across the entire Eastern Ontario Region! For more information on delivery costs and areas of service, please visit our Delivery Page.

Do you set up delivered items?

Items such as  (tables, chairs, china, and linens) are to be set up and dismantled by the client and all items should be packed up in the manner which they were delivered. If, at the time of pick-up, Bustini’s Event  Rentals is required to dismantle from an event additional labour fees will be billed.

What happens if something breaks?

You will be billed for the replacement cost.

What if my order is incorrect?

We ask all clients to review their reservations prior to pick-up and sign their acknowledgement of items and quantities listed. For this reason, it is very important that you know what you are signing and understand the terms of the contract as it is very difficult for us to adjust an order once it is processed by our warehouse. If you have picked-up or have been delivered items which are not on your order, or you are missing items detailed on your order, please contact us immediately for resolution.

What happens if I return items late?

All late returning items will be subject to additional rental charges. When items do not return on time, our processing is backlogged which jeopardized other customer orders occurring after your event. If unforeseeable circumstances come up that deter you from returning items on time, please contact our showroom to communicate the options available.