Cooking & BBQ

Barbeque - 6' Silver Giant Cooking & BBQ
The Six-Foot Silver giant provides ample cooking space for demanding high traffic cook-outs. Featuring two 3' individually hooded grills, can meet demanding needs of both quantity and quality of food.
Starting From $ 190.00 VRI_PERHDAY
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Barbeque - 4' Silver Giant Cooking & BBQ
Perfect for fund-raising events, rental houses and service clubs, the 4 foot grill is a great fit for weddings, caterer, private clubs looking to add an extra piece of equipment for large events.
Starting From $ 140.00 per Day
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5' Propane BBQ w/ Grill Cooking & BBQ
Starting From $ 184.00 per Day
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Charcoal B.B.Q. with grill, 5’x2′ Cooking & BBQ
Starting From $ 70.00 per Day
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Deep Fryer Cooking & BBQ
Pitco 65-80 lb. 5 tube fryer.
Starting From $ 175.00 per Day
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Traeger Smoker Cooking & BBQ
Starting From $ 85.00 per Day
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Garland M2 Burner Gas Range Cooking & BBQ
The Garland Double Burner boasts an impressive 35,000 BTUs of heating power, ideal for any cooking needs.
Starting From $ 75.00 per Day
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Propane B.B.Q. GRIDDLE Cooking & BBQ
30″x 2′
Starting From $ 40.00 per Day
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Garland Char Broiler Cooking & BBQ
Starting From $ 80.00 per Day
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