Bustini's Event Rental provides a diverse tent selection for your event. We use expert knowledge to tailor our selection to your specific event needs. We offer both pole and tension tents as well as frame tents. This means our professional crew is ready to meet the needs of large extravagant tents in difficult set-up conditions to small booths and everything in between. By visiting our accessory page you can even add your own finishing touch.


Pole Tents: Internal support poles unclutter the internal atmosphere of poles tents. The fact that center poles come all the way down to the ground limits floor plans, increases the space outside the tent taken up and is not possible on paved surfaces. Pole tents, however, can have an amazing open inner atmosphere without inner support cables. Sizing is generally larger at models from 1600’ to 4800’ compared to Frame tents at 100’ to 4000’ square ft.  

Frame Tent: Standing free with no internal poles, frame tents rely on internal tension cables. This can create a more aesthetic look from the outside and maximize the room inside.  Unlike Pole tents, they can be more set up on paved surfaces, against walls or on sidewalk and usages under 1040 square ft. Your best choice for something both small and versatile. 







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