There are two common types of tents; Frame Tents and Pole Tents. Bustini’s Event Rentals inventory has both Pole and Frame Tents. The high peaks create dramatic style and spacious interior. The walls with French windows let in lots of light


High Peak Marquee Frame Tents:           


These tents are freestanding structures and use a frame and eve cross-cables to support the structure. Eight-foot tall vertical side poles are spaced up to 20 feet apart. ‘Floating’ peak poles are supported by eve cross cables meaning there are no centre poles on the ground obstructing a floor plan and no canopy framing which creates a very clean and spacious look and feel.


Marquee tents are great for backyard parties and smaller events. The frame tent is easily installed on a variety of surfaces. Waterproof eve joiners are used to connect multiple tents together to create larger spaces in unique shapes. Individual tent sizes range from 100 to 1040 square feet.




High Peak Pole Tents:



Pole tents (or tension tents) have one or more centre poles that are installed in the centre of the tent. Vertical side poles are placed every 10 feet.

Tension tents do not require any framing in the canopy which creates an uncluttered top with 22’ high peaks Pole tents can be installed quickly and for a relatively low price for a large tent. Guy lines are required to support the structure. Sizes start at 1600 square feet or a 40’ x 40’ tent and can be increased in 20’ lengths such as a 40’ x 60’ or 40’ x 80’ tent.



100  Guests Size 


One of the most common questions we receive from customers is “we are planning a wedding for approx. 100 guests and we are curious how much a tent costs”.
There are a few layers to answer this question so let me try and break it down.
1. Are you looking for just seating for the 100 guests or are you planning on hosting the wedding reception under the tent i.e. food, bar, , gifts, photo booth, etc.
2. Is space for dancing required under the tent?
The industry recommendation for seating space is approximately 10sq feet per person.
We offer a hexagon tent that is 1000sq feet so it would suffice for 100 guests (see attached). The Hexagon tent costs $880.00.
If space for dancing is required, you would need to add a 20’ x 20’ tent. The 20’ x 20’ tent costs $400.00 and a 16’ x 16’ dance floor is $384.00. The total cost for 100 guests with space for dancing and including the dance floor would be $1,664.00.
If you do not require a dance floor for your event but still plan to host 100 people under the hexagon & 20’x 20’ the total cost would be $1,280.00 for 1400 sq feet of space.
If you are planning to host a wedding reception under the tent in the area of 100 guests and think you may need a bit more space your best option and price point would be to look at either a 40’ x 40’ or 40’ x 60’. The 40’ x 40’ only gives 200 more square feet than the hexagon tent with the attached 20’ x 20’ and the price point is comparable at $1400.00 for a total of 1600sq feet.
A 40’ x 60’ is 2400 square feet and gives more room for round tables, spacing, dance floor and some added space for bar, food, dj, photo booth etc. A 40’ x 60’ is $2,100.00. If you add a 16’ x 16’ dance floor to this the total cost would be $2,484.00.
Price point options:
Hexagon tent = 1000sq ft costs $880.00
Hexagon tent + 20’ x 20’ = 14000sq ft + 16’ x 16’ dance floor = $1,664.00
40’ x 60’ tent = 2400sq ft costs $2,100.
40’ x 60’ tent + 16’ x 16’ dancefloor = $2,484.00
Often a property or site location will dictate the best tent option in each situation. We offer free no obligation site checks. We also rent sidewalls and lighting at additional cost. There is a delivery charge based on the travel distance. We setup and remove all tents. Items such as tables, chairs, linens and dishes are rented individually and are an additional cost to the tent and dance floor.
I Hope this helps some in their planning process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.
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