15' x 15'
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Marquee Frame Tents
15' x 15'

15’ x15 ’ tent is a perfectly symmetrical tent providing: interior spaciousness, elegant single peak design, and a 14’ cathedral ceiling. The unique one-piece center pole allows for quick setup and break down. They are also more cosmetically appealing than multiple piece center poles. This tent features a very unique and elegant design. This 225 square foot tent can be used for many different applications, including but not limited to; Large graduation parties, bar mitzvahs, small weddings, and church functions


This tent requires 17’ x 17’ space (footprint) for staking. The tent features a two-piece seamless appearing top that is made of 16 oz. vinyl and laminated polyester to block out the sun. The installation is quick and easy, allowing you more time to set up your tables and chairs. We provide ‘double web ratchets’ at each corner of the tent to assure uniform tensioning. Solid and cathedral windowed walls are also available to add weather protection and style.

225 square feet - $1.44 per sq ft


Starting From $ 325.00

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